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Computer-Related Services

  Basic Level — "B" Rate

Basic services include:

  • Keyboarding (typing) new documents or making revisions to existing documents
  • Tape transcription and digital transcription
  • OCR scanning and proofing of text documents
  • Mail merge set-up and processing of customized form letters
  • Data entry
  • Duplicate checking
  • Zip code research
  • Printouts, reports or labels in any sort order you request (Label printing cost $.03 per label + label stock charge)

  Advanced Level — "A" Rate

Advanced services include:

  • Conversion and cleanup of computer files in various file formats
  • Extensive formatting, copyfitting, layout and design of word-processed documents
  • Scanning of images; importing scanned images or clip art to your document
  • Initial consultation and analysis of your database needs
  • Design of customized database files, tables, and related reports, including directories, contact lists, catalogs and mailing labels

  Computer Training — "A" Rate

Customized computer training is provided to a limited number of clients. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

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To compute time charged for word processing and data entry, we utilize the Industry Production Standards guidelines jointly published by ABSSI (Association of Business Support Services International) and OBCAI (Office Business Center Association International). The Industry Production Standards specify the average times required for a Model Operator to perform specific production tasks. A “Model Operator" is defined as having 2-3 years' business, office or secretarial experience, keyboard speed of 70 WPM with 2-3 errors per page, and good English and grammar skills.