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All of our pricing is based on standard turnaround times.

Standard Turnaround for Small Jobs

For small projects requiring 2 hours of work or less, our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. If we get your job during business hours on a Monday, we will complete it by that same time on Tuesday. If your project is received on a Friday, it will be completed by the same time on the following Monday.

Standard Turnaround for Large Jobs

Our standard turnaround time on larger jobs is proportionately greater. Because turnaround times are primarily influenced by the volume of our existing workload and staff availability, it is important to discuss any due dates and deadlines at the time you give us a particular job.

At that time, we will be able to give you a committed date and time for your job to be completed, and we will meet that commitment.

As a general guideline, we are always able to commit two man-hours per day to any given client. So if you have a project that requires six man-hours, the longest turnaround time will be three business days, counting from the date on which source materials are received. Depending on how much advance notice you give us and what our workload is like at the time, we may be able to provide quicker turnaround time without a priority fee.

Priority "Rush" Jobs

A 50% priority surcharge and a 1-hour minimum apply to all jobs that must be turned around in faster-than-standard turnaround time, or which must be done during hours our office is normally closed (evenings, weekends or holidays). The surcharge applies to all billed services except postage.

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Getting Your Work Request to Us

We receive and exchange
work in several ways:


The method you choose to send and receive work will impact the turnaround time. Together, we can discuss the method that best meets your needs.