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General Rates

The following three general non-retainer rates apply to services provided on a project basis (i.e. on an occasional basis to non-retainer clients):

Non-Retainer Rates
“A” Rate — $65 per hour
“B” Rate — $48 per hour
“C” Rate — $38 per hour

See our price sheet to see at a glance what rate applies to what services.

Retainer Rates

Retainer agreements are available and encouraged for clients who will be using our services on a regular basis. Retainer clients pay discounted hourly rates. The level of discount is determined by the quantity of work we will be doing for you each month, as follows:

Hours in
Retainer Agreement
Regular Rate Discount
< 5 hrs./mo.
8% discount
5-9 hrs./mo.
12% discount
10-19 hrs./mo.
15% discount
20-29 hrs./mo.
25% discount
30-39 hrs./mo.
33% discount
40+ hrs./mo.
Individually negotiated

Retainer clients pay for services in advance and agree to automatic monthly payments. Click here to see a sample retainer agreement.

Non-Profit Discount

We provide a 10% non-profit organization discount on all charges except goods and services purchased from outside vendors and postage.

Payment Terms

All time charged is rounded to the nearest 1/10th-of-an-hour (6 minutes). A minimum charge of one-half hour applies to each job, except for retainer clients and Creative Office Services account-holders, for whom time is tallied and invoiced on a monthly basis.

Except for retainer clients and Creative Office Services accountholders, payment for all work is due when each project is completed. Charges on mailing jobs must either be paid on or before the day we take the mail to the post office or be pre-paid with a deposit check that is held on our books. If we will be purchasing postage on your behalf (either postage stamps or meter), you must pay for your postage before we purchase it.

Customers requesting full administrative services, or those who anticipate using our services an average of two or more times a week, may apply for an account to be billed on a weekly or monthly basis. Specific account terms are individually negotiated.

You may pay by cash, check, VISA or MasterCard. Checks may be sent by fax. We do not accept American Express or Discover. We accept ATM cards if they display a VISA or Mastercard symbol.

We reserve the right to request a pre-paid deposit on certain jobs and customers. These include large jobs, first-time customers, and customers who have had previous payment problems.



Payment Methods

Dollar SymbolDollar Symbol
credit cards
MasterCard & VISA


We offer a 10% discount
off our charges for non-profits.
See below for details.