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Bookkeeping services

  Paper, Supplies & Copying

For word processing jobs, one copy of your document on white 20 lb. paper is included at no extra charge. Multiple copies can be made at your request. Colored paper, card stock, and other papers are available, as are supplies used in bulk mailings, such as envelopes and label stock.

Since we incur outside costs for these services and supplies, their prices are subject to change and are not listed here. We’ll be glad to prepare an estimate that includes these costs.

PLEASE NOTE: Sales tax applies for supplies and copying.


No fax charge applies for work you fax to us or for drafts or finals we fax to you. If you'd like us to send or receive faxes to or from third parties on your behalf, the following charges apply:

  Incoming   $0.50/page
  Outgoing   $1.00/page
  Toll calls, add'l charge   $0.40/page
  Long distance, add'l charge   $0.40/page

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