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Proofreading and Copyediting

  Proofreading — "B" Rate

You may choose to proofread your document yourself. If, however, you want us to proofread for you, both one-person and two-person proofreading are available to verify the accuracy of word-processed copy against your source material.

One-Person Proofreading

  • Takes less time and is therefore less costly
  • The best choice if you intend to thoroughly proofread the document yourself upon completion

Two-Person Proofreading

  • More time-consuming and therefore more costly, but produces the highest degree of accuracy
  • Strongly recommended if you will not be reviewing the document yourself

  Copyediting — "A" Rate

A full range of services from light to extensive copyediting is available; you tell us how far you want us to go in reviewing and correcting your document. A representative but by no means comprehensive sampling of copyediting tasks:

  • Correcting faulty and inconsistent spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage
  • Checking cross-references in tables of contents, indices, appendices, photo captions
  • Ensuring that formatting of paragraphs, fonts, titles, etc. is consistent throughout document
  • Flagging inappropriate jargon, figures of speech, and ambiguous or incorrect statements
  • Reviewing for logical flow of ideas

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