California Senate Race In 2024

Diane Feinstein has not officially announced whether she will or will not run for re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2024. But whether she does or not, it seems to be shaping up to be an interesting primary race.

As I mentioned last week, I have been listening to Katie Porter, who (until yesterday) was the only one who had officially announced her intent to run, and I have been favorably impressed. That is, I’ve been impressed to the extent that a cynic like me can be impressed by any politician, even one who shares a good deal of my political views. (Katie Porter represents California’s 47th congressional district, which is located in Orange County.)

Yesterday, Adam Schiff officially announced that he was tossing his hat in the ring as well. I like Adam Schiff a lot. He has been a very vocal critic of former President Donald Trump and he did an excellent job on the January 6th Committee. And he is a very good orator on traditional progressive/liberal policy issues. (Adam Schiff currently represents California’s 30th congressional district, which covers parts of Glendale and Burbank).

Rep. Barbara Lee has not yet officially announced but she told the Congressional Black Caucus that she intends to run. (Barbara Lee represents California’s 12th congressional district, which covers Oakland and the surrounding area. She’s my representative.)
Rep. Ro Khanna is another member of Congress expected to run for the Senate seat. (Khanna represents California’s 17th congressional district, which covers parts of the South and East Bay regions.)